A Simple, Easy and Fast guestbook

This script could be configured to work in following modes:
- Standalone script (with built-in header and footer)
- Integrated to your existing site (with your own header and footer files)
- As an addon to ASM 2.x  (will take advantage of the site settings)

* Single file, small and fast PHP script.
* Use as standalone script or integrate in your existing script (configurable)
* No database required (uses built-in flat-file database)
* Right to left language postings supported, i.e. Persian, Chinese, Arabic
* IP banning (admin can ban IP and delete postings of the IP)
* Spam protection (uses built-in captcha)
* Flood control prevents form resubmit.
* Header injection detection (for email function)
* BB code and smilies support (configurable)
* HTML code input allow/disallow (configurable)
* Email address protection (hide emails)
* Admin email notification on new entries (configurable)
* Admin can comment/reply to messages.
* Moderated postings (configurable)
* View only mode configurable to prevent new messages.
* Multiple language files available.
* Control max number of characters for each posting.
* Preview posting before submission.
* Change the look n feel through stylesheet.

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